9 comments on “The Journey…..”The Tomb” – JNo8

  1. I see the bottom of a pool, river or sea and I spotted seven fishes, one squarrel, one dog, a small sun and a bigger fish at the top right hand corner . I also see some currents of water. A very intereting painting. rtle,

    • I see eight fishes and one is really big at the top right hand corner. I spotted a small dog, a small sun and a squirrel. I also see two streams of water.A very intriguing painting. RTLE

  2. A small image of Christ, a drunk cat, a seated woman with full skirts, a sperm, a waterfall, a flying demon, a scary blue devil face, two lovers and a high heel shoe – how am I doing so far?…

  3. I see the two lovers next to Christ, the seated woman with high heels, a sperm going over the waterfall, a drunk demon and a blue cat sitting on a full skirt. Amazing! Such visual acumen…..but alas…it is all in vane. I have already been saved…..but I will keep you in mind if I get caught in another tomb.

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