9 comments on “The Journey….”The Red Balloon” – JNo12

  1. I’m absolutely in love with this painting (or is is a photo?). Wow, something just spoke to me when I saw it. Maybe it’s the journey and not the destination that appeals to me from this work of yours.

    • Kristi…. so pleased it spoke to you. It is a combined painting/photograph. The journey was all that mattered to me….. never knew where it was going next. But I do love the message.
      Thanks for stopping by and adding your comment. Robert

      • Would love to hear more about the journey you have had! Have you written about it on your blog? That’s the scary, yet interesting part, you never know, what’s next. Your art/blog inspire me so much, remind me of possibility of living life differently, unconventional and fun way. So thank you for that Robert!

        • Kristi, The Journey came early into my blogging and happened without planning, thought or preparation. Each post was fresh and I did not know how it would finish until I was ready to post it. There was only one constant throughout………I was “asking” for guidance all along. It always came and that was a big message of The Journey…….Ask and Ye shall receive!
          There were certain internal changes happening in me at the time and I guess The Journey reflected them. So not only was this offered as an inspirational way to live it was somehow real insight and guidance for me too.
          No, I have not written about it until now so I thank you most sincerely for your questions.
          Best wishes, Robert

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