5 comments on ““Two Miles to Heaven…..”

  1. Since you exposed me to the concept of art that continues to evolve and change, even within finished works, I have been intrigued by it. Humans are art that evolves continuously so why not our creations as well. When we interact with a person or thing, a new experience is created, a new person or thing. The quality of our experiences informs our evolving self. Even with the changing panels and planes of a face, the unknown exists. Fear of the unknown brings fear of distortion or new ways of experiencing the same truths. Thanks for continuing to challenge the finality of past experience.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. You have an insight into my work that very few have. Over time I hope I can reveal it to all. The basic truth is simple though, EVERYTHING is changing all the time and evolving into something new. As the material world changes around us we naturally feel fear unless we know reality for what it really is ……. an illusion. Something much grander lies beyond it. I hope my art is and will somehow show this.


  4. UPDATE on this artwork. Yesterday I pulled this painting out and was about to change it. Something stopped me even though I looked at it for a couple of hours. Finally I asked for help on what to do with it and went to bed. This morning I received an email advising of the above pingback…..IN MEMORY OF…
    There could be no clearer message than this. This painting must stay as it is!

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