7 comments on “More Student Art

    • Silvia, have passed these comments on to the student. She has a good knowledge of all art and is digging deep within to express her personal vision. Best again, Robert .

  1. I understand why she doesn’t want to accept painting ‘B’ as it holds no focal point; instead it seems like a mish-mash of strong emotions that are perhaps best left in the subconscious for the time being. Later on, perhaps in 6 months, this painting will likely have a different effect on the artist as she may ‘know’ its meaning and accept it. The clarity of emotion on painting ‘A’ (no matter what the emotion(s) are) feel more comfortable and easier to deal with.

    Personally? Love ‘A’ – well done, very brave, bold and compelling

    • Hi Lesley, Your comments were passed on to the student (also Lesley) and she understood and appreciated what you had to say. Also a work she did about a year ago had suddenly come to her mind recently and it too had required time to accept and face it again. Many thanks, Robert

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  3. Is it too late to comment? I really enjoy looking at B! I like the ambiguity and the feast of colour. The forms are competing (perhaps the little ‘figure’ on the lower left against the rest of the painting) but it is lively.

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