19 comments on “Cubism and The Blue Bucket

  1. Robert, you have done it again. I love your example of cubism. You also gave an excellent explanation of Cubism. I had read the story of Cubism in art books, but had not seen that good an explanation about what they really tried to do.Thanks. I love your samples, and frankly, I like them better than the paintings you posted of Picasso . Was one of thepaintings Nude Descending a Stairce?RLTE

    • Thanks Silvia, Nude Descending a Staircase was painted by Marcel Duchamp in 1912 and while it shows elements of Cubism it is associated with a group called the Futurists. Duchamp was well know as a Dadaist and never associated with the Cubists. Best wishes, Robert

  2. The painting you showed sort of looked like DuChamp , but on closer look I see what you mean. Thanks for sending the correct information. Looking forward to more art history. RLTE

    • Your right. Duchamp was right there at the time and was very much influenced by what was happening. However he did not produce many artworks and is well known for his urinal which he re-named Fountain in 1917. Still he has had a huge influence on Modern Art.

  3. Nice post, I really like it. Most of all though, you impress me because you dare do what even Wikipedia don’t; to shove the Art of Picasso. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment Dina. All my comments and posts come from my inner truth regardless of how others see it. Attitudes to artists……like all things are forever changing. Popular today and out of fashion tomorrow.
      One of my big lessons came when I was being interviewed by a panel of 3 teachers/artists for acceptance to a Major Art College. When I mentioned J. M. W. Turner, the English seascape/landscape pioneering artist as one of my influences they all laughed loudly at me and said very sarcastically and dismissively “What could you learn from him? I later discovered many Great Modern artists were influenced by him and today Britain’s top Art Award is named in his honor.
      Best wishes,

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