12 comments on “Still Life with a Difference

  1. Are they little canvasses put together? At first I liked the top one best, but I’m not sure. Looking at the second one at first gives a very ‘busy’ impression, but looking at it longer makes me like it more.

    • Yes they are but the first is painted on 40 cms square boards. The first also does have instant appeal but the second reveals itself gradually. Because they are so different it makes a decision difficult. Many thanks, Robert

  2. Really like the strong colours you use on your paintings. Like both a lot for different reasons. The first one is strong but beautiful, yellow makes it very vibrant. The second one pops up feeling of busy city life.Thanks for bringing art in my life through your blog.

    • mindfuldiary, a quote by Vincent van Gogh just popped into my mind “Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.”
      Your comments make this decision clear. How can you choose between two things you love for different reasons? Now there is a blog in itself.
      Anyway, what means most to me is that I have somehow brought art into your life. Thank you. Robert

  3. I love the still life. I guess I like it because I love colors and yellow is a favorite color of mine.I like your second paintng, too. Both are good paintings and I like them. The interesting thing about art is that each painting stands on its own as valid. Is the Mona Lisa better than The Last Supper?
    We once had a conversation with a pretty good artist and she said that she was surprised the Mona Lisa was so small. Size again is not important in art. Do you agre? RLTE

    • Yes, I agree with you Silvia. It is very difficult to place value on different things although in our world everything is given a price. Stepping back a little I would ask the question……..how can you place a value on one human life over another?
      Thanks again for your comments, Robert

    • Totally agree with that comment as others do here. But some have raised the issue which I learnt at art school a long time ago.
      Some things jump out at you with impact and you love them immediately. Others don’t and need time to get to know, to explore their depth, to reveal their hidden beauty. This was a big lesson about art…………about life.
      Less clutter……..now that is another issue.
      Many thanks for comment, Robert

    • Energy, energy, energy……….I love energy too. It is the Life Force in motion. We all need it and express it. In dance, at play, at work. And when I can I explode with it in my art. It can be very hard to contain and direct. It’s force can seem all consuming at times like a horse that is running wild. You want to slow it down without breaking it’s spirit……of freedom and unrestrained enthusiasm.
      Look what’s happened now. All I wanted to say was thank you for your comment but Energy took over. Best wishes, Robert

  4. Thanks for the reply. Glad you went deeper and consider human life.. , Either all life is important or none is. And , of course, I think all human life is equally important and valuable. Keep posting your art and thoughts.Enjoying both. RLTE

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