6 comments on “On Becoming an Artist

  1. Again thanks for bringing us Turner. What a painter of light. I used to paint a bit similar and people loved that semi reality.But I changed to experimental art. Viva Turner. RLTE

    • Silvia your Experimental Art is wonderful………but more importantly it is who you are. I have never wanted to paint like Turner although I love his art. I was inspired by his LIFE!…..what he achieved, his unique vision, his major contribution, his passion and energy, his truth and love for what he did.
      I believe we all have something very special and totally unique to contribute to this world…….. no matter how small and insignificant or how grand it might be. As long as it is who we are. We can do no better. Viva Silvia!!!!

    • Hi Norunn, Me too. Another very different but modern painter of light is Sean Scully. His work has a very powerful presence in a room. Any suggestions? Best wishes, Robert

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