11 comments on “The 100 Post – Award

  1. Congratulations! This is wonderful indeed! Before I posted my first ever blog post (on 20th of May this year) I also did not know anything about blogging … today I published my 85th post and am still amazed with it all! However, one thing I have learned; if I did not created the Lantern Post, as it was almost by an accident, I would never find the courage to write in English … so really it remains uncertain who or what ‘created’ who (or what)!

    All the Best
    Daniela (aka: the Lantern’s keeper)

    • Thank you. Just thinking maybe you can say the 100th Post is a small step for WordPress but a huge step for new bloggers! Sure you will agree. Best wishes, Robert

  2. Thank you. And as I’m sure you know 100 posts qualifies for both with a little something else thrown in………maybe craziness, curiosity, courage. Or could my friend be right…..a desire for fame and fortune. No, in the end I think it was like a baby learning to walk. One step followed by another……..soon there were 100! Best wishes, Robert

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