44 comments on “A Blank Piece of Paper

  1. A terrific story. What a courageous young man you were. So glad they let you in art school. I love the metaphor. We should all fill out piece of blank paper with our dreams and realize them as yo did. RLTE

      • I have a Spanish friend who told me the story of Dali sitting for a final exam and while others were furiously creating their final masterpiece – he sat silent and with nothing on his canvas. At the last moment he picked up his pencil and proceeded to draw a perfect circle. So perfect because of his practice of drawing 1000’s of circles until he reached perfection.
        Now, I have tried to find this story on-line but with no luck. (perhaps it is an urban legend? perhaps my friend had the wrong artist?)
        My question, of course was tongue in cheek ! your post reminded me of Dali and his thinking which was well .. quite visionary.

  2. OMG, I have similar experience too. When I knew that I was rejected after the Interview, I called the Head of the Government relation Department of the Company who offered the vacancy and he agreed to see me at his office. I placed a blank of paper in front of him. When he asked me what it mean, I said it can be anything. He told me if he wanted to know what it mean to him. I just wrote down this words ” I believe that I will be able to do the job you are offering, as long as you would give me a chance.”
    Then he said, Well…. go to my HR Department and come back to me next week. Remember, I will hold this words for years to come !…. Thank you for your memorable story. Your blog is awesome

    • Thank you. But please tell us about your book and how you came to using a blank piece of paper (your inspiration)….without giving away the plot. Congrats on writing the book.

  3. Like everyone else who has commented……………………… WOW!!
    Don’t you just love young people?
    All that fire, all that belief.

    I came here to say a simple ‘thank you’ for following my blog and I leave feeling inspired. The sun is shining and the dogs are asking for a walk, and as I walk I will think about your story.

    Thank you.


  4. Great story, thanks for sharing this.
    I said pretty much the same thing in my first interview in my first job.
    I said: I learn fast. And I got the job.

  5. Great story indeed. If the Dean had asked you to put something onto the paper, what would you have done? Did you have any ideas prepared? Had I been the Dean presented with such a bold and obviously intelligent, talented candidate, my curiosity might have driven me to explore further. I’m glad you were given the opportunity and thus able to develop further; your art certainly shows it. Some of us had the passion burning inside but pursued other lines and came to the art late. I still have so much to learn and so little time to do it in! Tony

    • Hi Tony, thanks for your comments. My blank sheet was really like an empty glass…….which needed filling and they had the knowledge to do just that. Since then I have come to realise that we all have certain knowledge within us which we can never learn and only need to trust and express. That is what is called “IN-TUITION”…..and that is what makes us unique. So it is never too late and you can give your something “special” at any time of your life. That inner vision is so much more important than any learning……just do it!

  6. “When you commit to something nothing will stop you..”
    I’m quoting your words which , somehow , have always constitute my motto…
    Awesome posr

    • Anna, thank you so much for your comments……I understand and I am honoured that my words have become your motto. I better listen more closely to my words!…..thank you again 🙂

  7. Aw, I think I’ve made a mistake here. Checking through my old subscription lists, I think I deleted your profile (mixing you up with another ‘burgess’), but you’re here! And you’re active! Please re-subscribe at my front page!!!

      • Thank you!
        I just had to try removing a lot of dead weight! Prelimary investigstions/calculations tell me that approximately 85-90% of what we have aquired as subscribers during the last 4 years are ‘dead weight’? And I think it’s the same for just about everybody?!

        I have so far removed something like 8% of my list. Now I’m checking for reactions og decreased traffic volumes.

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