11 comments on “The Thinker – When drawing is in the BLOOD!

  1. How wonderful to have had art in your blood so young. It certainly shows in your art work that you have always drawn. i think that drawing or painting from very young makes a lot of difference in people’s art. I unfortunately didn’t discover whatever talent I may have until I was thirty. Anyway, great drawing and thanks for sharing. RLTE

  2. I guess I don’t THINK about what I’m doing as deeply as The Thinker. Just more intuitive. But, I also don’t start with just a blank sheet of paper. That’s why I recycle/upcycle materials. Find new ways to put together existing objects. I was always great at those standardized tests in grade school where they would have different 3D shapes shown in 2D and we had to figure out how they should go together. Whatever.


    • More intuitive is PERFECT Mike. What you are doing with those recycled/upcycled materials is wonderful. You are obviously using a talent you were blessed with. Picasso loved those materials too and made some amazing sculptures. All the best, Robert

  3. Wow. I might be a little out of place seeing and commenting this a year later, but I had to tell you that I just love this thinker! I see lots of big existential questions inside of him, in his eyes… some anxiety in that hand scratching his forehead. I guess that ‘what I love’ is exactly that… just think 😀 Thank you burgess!

    • Not at all Mariano. It is so refreshing to have you comment on an older work……especially this one. It was a favorite and your insightful comments warm my heart…… a big thank you 🙂

      • Thank you for the inspiration Robert! You see.. I play guitar in an experimental rock project here in Argentina, our band’s name is ‘Esas ideas que nadie escuchó’ (‘Those ideas that nobody heard’), and this name, and the songs we play, are dedicated to all great geniuses, artists, philosophers and thinkers, that remain underground despite of their greatness. This last 2 weeks I had been searching for some image or picture for use it to represent us in our websites and album’s covers. That’s how I found to your ‘Thinker’, and I would like to ask you a great favor, and honor… I guess that you can see where I’m going, don’t?…. haha may I?? 🙂

        ps: sorry for my english

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