5 comments on “So Now You Know the Truth………. Forget It!

  1. Silvia I’m sure you will agree we must share our knowledge even if at times it’s hard to believe. In 500 years they will be saying we found this obscure photo which appeared about the time the internet was invented. The TRUTH was staring us in the face. So what is the next BIG question? Life is simple ……… we make it all too difficult for ourselves. Best again, Robert

  2. Thanks for the reply. Life is ever changing and we get new knowledge. I know the Internet has been wonderful to meet new artists.Yes. we should be able to relax and enjoy and let life happen. We have art to connect us with the universe. Best again, Silvia

  3. The point where the universe began seems like a good place to finish trying to catch up on your posts for tonight. I’ve come far enough (backwards) to realize how many of your posts I have missed through WP not notifying me. If you can help me resolve this Robert I would appreciate it as I hate missing your new posts but my aging brain needs reminding to come to visit you…

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