6 comments on “Riding With The “Inner Self”

  1. I love the bold colours! What I always do is audition things on a piece of work, e.g. with pieces of paper on top of it, or take a photo and look at it in Photoshop, using the paintbrush to audition things. How do you usually try things out?

    • Meta, thanks for your contructive imput. I use similar processes to evaluate my work but not with photoshop. I use the camera all the time. This iimage is much darker then my other images at present and has less texture.. mainly glazes. Still, it’s growing on me.. Best wishes, Robert

  2. You inspire me with your thoughts on art as I readily agree with your concepts. I have many times being very critcal of my work, but have learned that what I don’t like sometimes others do. Cervantes, the great Spanish novelist, thought that Don Quijote, his famous novel, was not that good and that his Four Exemplary Novels were his best. Now, we see that Don Quijote is his most famous work.As you said we should accept the works as they come from the inner self.
    I like the way you divide your works into sections. Wonder if that is what you do after the work is painted? Certainly don’t throw this one away. I like it. RLTE

    • Thanks for info on Cervantes and Don Quiote. I’m sure there are many examples of famous artworks which were not highly thought of by their artist/writer/composer etc. If anyone has one please add it. They are a real source of learning and inspiration.
      My artworks are created in many different ways but always following my “inner tuition.”
      Best again, Robert

    • I worked hard to show the “passion” of the rider on his Harley Davidson bike. Although I have never ridden one I can “feel” their passion. When we lived in New York they would ride their thunderous bikes up the canyons of our nearby streets at 3.00am. Maybe this is a memory of that time. Anyway pleased you like it and I won’t change it. Best wishes, Robert

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