5 comments on “Rejection – A Rite of Passage

  1. Way to go. I see the list of wonderful artists that didn’t so call make it in their own life time. They kept going. We will too. Your art is colorful, dynamic and from the soul. Best,RLTE

  2. In addition to pursuit of our art, there is also learning the art of rejection. I was once feeling quite upset with a rejection and someone said to me, ‘Hey all they said was ‘No’ and we all say that ten times a day.’ That somehow calmed me. Love all the examples. Somehow I thought Zane Grey had been born in the saddle – a dentist? Well, I’ll be. Have a great day.

  3. I like the painting even more with the ‘Rejection’ stamp over it! Your list IS inspiring and as you,(and thousands of others), I have known rejection. But, as Happy Flower says above, dealing with this is an art in itself – and not only in art but also in everyday life. We all see the world in different ways and should our art come before a jury of one or many who don’t see the world as we do this results in rejection. It’s all a big lottery and in the end has little to do with the integrity of our art…

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