9 comments on “The Book of B

  1. Fantastic idea – will there be text with each painting? If so will it be writing about each painting, or related poetry or?
    Thank you for your recent numerous ‘likes’ and visits to my posts – this reminded me that it’s been awhile since I explored your site and when I began doing so I realized that I don’t get any notifications of your new posts even though I follow you – why is that I wonder? Anyway, I am about to catch up a little…

  2. Like your paintings in book format. You are on to something. Would be great to see it with some of your inispirational writings. Way to go. Rlte

  3. I think that your words and paintings could be combined in 2 ways. One would be in a journal-like format the other in a small coffee book format. A beautiful book of art with glossy pages is a very expensive undertaking if you move forward without a publisher or distribution in place. My last book which included a lot of my art would have been 100$ for *me to buy but oh my was it ever a dream come true (I did buy 1 copy)! I am speaking of print on demand here rather than going to a printer and buying in bulk for better pricing… I compromised with print on demand via CreateSpace and feel content just the same as my work reaches more people.

    I wish you much success with this project ! The Book of B is a perfect title too.

    • Lesley, thank you so much for your suggestions and recommendations. I must sit down as soon as possible and give the book serious time and consideration to get it togther. I am encouraged by your and others support. CreateSpace looks interesting. Will keep you posted. Many thanks, Robert

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