10 comments on “Playing Around

    • Casey you might well be the only one to see it. I know I put there so remind me where I put it. However if you would prefer others to search for it don’t remind me for some time. Thanks and best wishes, Robert

  1. Interesting photo of playground. Love the colors. You do run into some interesting scenes. One always wonders about the cooker and who played with it and left it to the elements. Life never ceases to be interesting. RLTE

    • The Cooker history I do know. There is a Pre School Kindergarten at the end of our street and they were doing some renovations when this appeared in the trash. So many children had played with and had much joy from it.The place is called Smarter Kids and I wonder why one of the Smarter Mums did not pick it up. However most people do not like collecting stuff from trash. As an artist it is one of the first lessons you learn……..reinvent the old, transform, recreate, make new again, etc. Make something out of nothing….. how good it that!

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