10 comments on “The Boat That Was and Wasn’t

    • Good comment Silvia. So much passes us by each day. Usually a busy lifestyle does this but also we are never show how to SEE. My old master drawing training gave me this ability. They used to study the figure or plaster casts of bodies or body parts for days, months or years to learn to see. These days the emotion or gesture is far more important.
      There are still other differences to be discovered in the two photographs for anyone who wants to put on their “seeing” glasses. Robert

  1. So the shadows are different due to taking the photo at a different time of day plus the angle of taking the shot is not quite the same…
    Here today, gone tomorrow – kind of like life eh?

    • Your right John….. view point and time of day are different. I wonder if photographs are like snowflakes……..no two ever the same?
      It is like life except for that shopping trolley which was still there this morning and might be there forever. Best again, Robert

      • Hooray! I never got the playground puzzle but I scored on this one – is there a prize? I doubt if two of anything are ever really the same. As for the shopping trolley – someone will find it and create a use for it and then it will be gone! May you ride the shopping trolley of life down the exit ramp hooping and hollering…

        • Hey John, Congratulations…….you are the big winner on this one. And yes there is a prize if you get 2 answers right……..
          You will be jumping for joy on this one….you won the the Shopping Trolley!!! All you need to do is arrange the transport as that is not included.
          A suggested use….store all your brushes in it.
          So you will soon be the one riding the shopping trolley of life hooping and hollering….you lucky you!

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