4 comments on “40 Major Buildings of Sydney – I Can Do That

  1. I am so impressed Robert – did you actually finish 40? How long were you at this challenge? I, and I’m sure others would love to see more – did you sell them all?…

    • Actually more than 40. Maybe 42 just in case I wanted to change one or two. I loved the challenge. It took maybe 3 months to do them. As I remember about 10 were not sold and are in storage…..somewhere. I will do a search one day for more. Just shows what we can do when we put our minds to it….. Oh I was offered two shows at the time…..one at the The S.H. Ervin Gallery which is one of Sydney ‘s leading public art institutions housed in the historic National Trust Centre on Observatory Hill, The Rocks in Sydney. (it was included as one of the 40 Major Buildings)

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