5 comments on “A Rare and Ancient Artifact?

    • So you both think it is a modern object d’ art piece of tin foil? Just a bit of tin foil. Worthless?
      Well I just checked out tin foil and this is what Wiki said….
      “Tin foil, is a thin foil made of tin. Actual tin foil was superseded by cheaper and more durable aluminium foil after World War II, and aluminium foil is sometimes confused with “tin foil” because of its similarity to the former material.”
      So maybe your answer is the even more common and less exotic ….Aluminium Foil?
      What about its beauty and structure………..it has to be more than just a bit of ……….?
      Goodbye my hopes of a Ming or Ding (oops…there’s a clue) Dynasty artifact.

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