6 comments on “A New Painting – Vincent’s Church

  1. Wow, this is not the Dr Who I remember from my early days in England – I haven’t had TV for 30 years – did they remake Dr Who recently? Your painting is a wonderful homage to Vincent…

    • John they began making new series about 10 years ago with all new characters and plots with occasional reappearance of the old favorites like Daleks and Cybermen etc. The one where they meet Vincent is well worth finding particularly when they bring Vincent forward in time to see the success of his art on the world. I have now included a link to Wikipedia with all the details.

      • Fantastic – I was impressed with the video but can’t say I was a fan of the old Dr Who – I found it too clunky and amateurish. I hope I can find, through your links, a way to watch the new series. I’m a follower of sci fi and fantasy but there are so few movies in this genre that stand out as having integrity…

        • The new series are much more high tech and modern. Nothing like the old ones. We can borrow all the series and most movies etc etc etc and much more from our local library. It is our favorite place. They even get many new release books. Love libraries!

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