4 comments on “Parallel Lines……Just Like An Eclipse?

  1. Parallel realities – who cares how long you waited. Be truthful to your sugar bowls – they are The Watchers and know when you veer away from what is true…

      • Ah – touche – well we never actually told them that Santa was a real person and when they grew to the time of endless questions it all became a playful word dance like a magician’s sleight of hand. As long as he remained in the world of imagination Santa was just another fictional character like in the books they read – but then there’s the mysterious physical side to the old fella – the delivery of gifts etc. not so easy to explain except to suggest that there was magic in the world and it was like a wonderful game. Eventually I believe they learned the truth from peers but, kudos to them, they continued to play the game and still do – in their twenties now.

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