12 comments on “Look What’s Happened to Cigarette Packets

  1. The comments above are some of your best yet. Cigarette smoking is very bad for one’s health. I have never smoked and am glad you didn’t either. As you say , there are a lot of healthy challenges in life. So happy we have art. Silvia

    • Thanks Silvia, I was a bit reluctant to post this as it is so different to my other posts. But it is another found object which I often feature. Pleased you like it. Robert

  2. I smoke. And yes it is a scary picture, but I think that anything what is not good fur us should be like that. It’s not only the cigarettes. It’s a free choice to smoke, eat etc. It’s good to warn people but how far must that go? Here in Holland they do those things to stop smoking people because they are to expensive for healtcare.. Years ago there was no doubt about it.

    • Your right….it is much more than cigarettes. A lot of foods, drinks etc. can be bad too. I think they might be targeting them next. Healthcare is the big problem…. governments see the costs rising particularly here where basic health service is free.
      But the packaging would put me off smoking. I would not want a packet like that anywhere near me.

        • Hi Summer, Yesterday I was told by a committed smoker that they are now selling a container to put your cigarette packet into that looks just like the old packaging. The law cannot do anything about it as it is only a container. Guess where there is a will there is a away……..for someone to make a lot of money too. I also photographed another packet which is much worse than the one shown above…might add it later. Best wishes, Robert

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