7 comments on “Attitude Makes the Difference – Tony and His New Leg

  1. Absolutely right and I am amazed by people who can accept the test or temptation with a great sincere attitude. Thank you for sharing this simply touching post. muhammads

    • Muhammads I told him he would inspire people all over the world. He laughed and said “no way.” Well it is happening here and the numbers do not matter. if we make a difference in just one person’s life that is good. Best wishes, Robert

      • I hardly believe how unpretentious he is. Salute ! Thanks for a great post about thing in life that we should follow like his acceptance. Best wishes to you and Tony as well.

        • Unpretentious, humble, humorous, creative….etc., etc.
          Another funny comment of his was…….”I managed to cut the grass the other day without one grass stain on my pants.” He lives on a steep slope and did not fall over once….that is courage and determination too. Thanks Muhammads

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