6 comments on “A New Mixed Media Work…….”Muddle and Gabble”

  1. What a way to muddle and gabble. This is one of my all time favorite Robert’s. I use to paint a lot in that sort of muddlish way and wonder why I painted that way. In fact some of my best work used that style. Now I know. Thanks.It is still my favorite way to paint, but haven’t done it in a while. Rlte

    • Silvia…So pleased you now know. Maybe it’s time to do a few more in that style….since you like it. Also maybe you could post some old works too. Love to see them. Best wishes, Robert

  2. Nicely camouflaged ‘Demoiselles d’Avignon’ there Robert. I really am tunered on by this painting – it’s also my favorite way to go although I’ve been exploring other paths recently – handsome work my friend, you should be proud…

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