11 comments on “The Mighty Moreton Bay Fig Tree

  1. I am blessed to view a row of these giants of nature every Friday when I attend our Farmer’s Market. My young boys play under them, climb over their roots and generally “hug” them as only adults dream of doing again. And the adults in the community sit and watch and are often caught mesmerised by their beauty and grandeur.
    I’m really enjoying sharing those moments between you, your phone and our Earth.

    • It is so good you and your family get to enjoy these wonderful giants. Thanks for the description karla and I hope you can photograph the boys playing one Friday at the Farmer’s Market.

  2. We have Moreton Bay Fig Trees all over the Los Angeles area, imported from Australia over 100 years ago. Although it’s a different climate, they have thrived. But I’ve never seen one in this area with a root system quite like that!

    • Thanks RMW.
      I was always amazed to see huge Australian Gum (Eucalyptus) Trees in L A. They are everywhere too. Love LA…….always stop-over on way to New York.

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