27 comments on “The World’s Greatest Apple Turnover

    • Thought that someone might pick up on the business model……..one bite you you would be hooked.
      The date thing is always weird…….virually always ahead of the rest of the world. Particularly crazy when you are flying to Europe or Americas.
      When I first visited New York it was Christmas Day. Left Sydney at 6.00am on Christmas Day and was flying for about 24 hours and arrived in NY at 10 pm the same day….how’s that!

  1. Like the perfect vanilla slice…………. a thing of beauty but not that easy to find……… well done on your ‘cunning plan’ and I hope that the publicity works. I’ll certainly drop in if I’m ever up your way and I will mention your blog.
    Terry………………….. real cream, I hope?

    • Nicholas……..2000 miles…….that’s just down the road. I’ll talk to them about International shipping. In NY they do it with Gray’s Papaya and many other products. But since they don’t do take-outs I don’t like your chances.
      Pleased you enjoy my posts……love your art.

  2. Robert, oh Robert – so admiring of your subtle ‘hungry artist’ line – anything to get those sweets down your bearded throat…..

    • John…. you have just given me a reality check. How fortunate I have been to enjoy such food and care in a country blessed in so many ways. As I struggle to give something of value to the world life has been kind to me. I am very grateful……..and to be able to enjoy TWGAT too!

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  4. Hi Robert
    My husband found this review & asked that I read it, I saw the picture of Claudia & the sweet treat you purchased & I started to get excited by the time I finished reading the blog I had a grin from ear to ear & goose bumps.
    I am always a proud wife but right now I’m super proud.
    You see my French pasty chef husband made that TWGAT that you discovered on that day. We are glad you enjoyed it.
    I know he is amazing at his job, but this is proof, so thank you 😀

    • Thank you ezznico…….I am thrilled to get your comment and see that your wonderful husband……makes these amazing pastries. It must be sooooo tempting to enjoy such delights whenever you like.
      Looks like I will be visiting Claudia again…… very soon.
      Best wishes,

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