7 comments on “Groundbreaking, Epic Movie Making or just….”A Moving Ride”

  1. I love the soundtrack! But I worry about the distraction of the camera for the rider. Your shadow showed you holding it while pedaling. Shouldn’t it be strapped to your helmet for safety’s sake?

    • Thanks for your comments Tom. The soundtrack was chosen after much searching….so pleased you like it. I wanted to include the shadow to reveal (briefly) how I was doing the filming. Also I like the way it dances across the screen then disappears.
      Have no fear with my safety while shooting. Any traffic means no shoot. Also I like the freedom of some hand-held control while shooting…..it is unpredictable…..raw and allowing for the unexpected…..qualities I love in my art.

  2. So enjoyed riding with you Robert – very cinema verite – soundtrack is brilliant – 1930s / 40s silent movie – fab concept – explore more – pedal more (good for thighs)…

    • Thanks so much John……particularly for introducing me to the genre of cinema verite or truthful cinema and direct cinema……will explore more. Much time was spent searching for a suitable sountrack. Who knows where this will go…….but it is all related to the way we see the world.

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