2 comments on “Memories Of Bleecker Street

  1. Yes Patti…….so many wonderful times there……music venues, restaurants, theatres, nightclubs etc., all full of people at 3.00am……..and all very safe. Movies were often made particularly at night. And those fabulous rooftops where people did anything and everything.
    Also it was such a great place to walk. The best art galleries only minutes away. Washington Square just 2 blocks…….oh the memories are beginning to flood. Every block full of interest. East Village and Soho so close. Canal Street just south……..and the subway…….access to Uptown, Downtown, Brooklyn, Queens and even New Jersey. A friend had a 5,000 square foot loft in TriBeCa. Spent a lot of time there with morning walks to Battery Park. Often saw Robert De Nero and others.
    I feel absolutely blessed to have been able to live there.
    See what you have done Patti………I think this should be my next blog for all to see.
    Many thanks, Robert

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