6 comments on “The 500th Post

  1. Congratulations that is wonderful, quite a milestone. I love your blog and as a beginning artist I enjoy seeing all your creations. They are so distinctive and you have a great style. Happy painting cheers Judy 🙂

  2. YAY – The big FIVE OH OH !!!!!- warmest kudos to you Robert – every one of your offerings is a gem and gives so much pleasure and food for thought to all of your blogging family – thank you and congratulations my friend – here’s to the next century with a glass of Oz plonk from my local…

  3. John very pleased you came by with your Oz plonk to celebrate…….. Thank you!
    Your praise is only exceeded by your generosity…….. Thank you!
    You have been a resolute and outstanding blogger both in your own content and your supportive and insightful comments to all……..Thank you!
    It has been such joy to get to know you on the Blog-O-Sphere………Thank you!
    Enough……we both need to get ready for our next post and answer the kind comments of others bloggers…….otherwise we will remain here forever!
    Did I say ……thank you!

  4. A hearty congratulations, Robert.That is some accomplishment. You are so faithful to your art and that is laudable, besides, you entertain us and delight us with your creations. Way to go.

  5. And an even heartier THANK YOU………. Silvia. You have been there with me from the beginning. Through the thick and thin of it all. A constant and delightful companion sharing thoughts and feelings along the way. It has always been deeply appreciated……….THANK YOU!!!!!! Robert

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