20 comments on “My Heart’s No Secret Anymore

    • Thanks Nicole…..I’m very squeamish too…….but I did not look at what was going on with my arm….just the Lab, the big screen tv and the masked staff attending me….all weird.

    • Brenda there was such a surreal atmosphere in that Lab………I could have been in an Alien Spaceship…..fortunately the probes only went up my arm 🙂

      • LOL I once had a spinal shot, and they used an x-ray to guide it, ugh, the memory is not a great one. That had a surreal, SF feel to it, too. For all I know they put in a tracking device and have been controlling me ever since. LOL

  1. The title is perfect, first of all!
    I’m glad everything turned out ok, but you describe this experience as very dramatic and make us participate thoroughly !
    (Without your explanation , I would ‘ve seen this image as a very modern work of art …..Where nothing is definite and clear, and different interpretations can be possible!)

    • Thanks Anna…..how weird to be watching as they move around inside your heart…so I felt the title somehow described what happened. It was dramatic and although it is often done successfully there is the thought ……..one slip or blood clot and you might exit the world.
      I’m pleased with the way the artwork came together which is, as you say, unclear and mysterious….reflecting my feelings for the whole experience. How I got the picture of myself on the table is another story altogether.
      What I really wanted was to photograph the whole event but that was not possible.

  2. So glad you are ok it must be daunting. You must be brave I couldn’t imagine having one without being knocked out first. My friend had one on Monday and she is black and blue all up her arm and in her groin. They couldn’t stop the bleeding for 30 mins but her heart is ok so that is good news. 🙂

    • Thank you Judy. Your friend did have a hard time. Fortunately I missed the groin which takes longer for recovery etc. I was amazed to hear that it only takes 7 minutes to die with bleeding from the groin. It is such a big artery. I’m sure she had the best nursing staff as I was blessed with too. Hope she makes a full and speedy recovery. At least, most importantly, both hearts are good. 🙂

  3. Heart Art…brilliant…I’ve always tried to get X Rays and such from docs and dentists to use in my art but they are reticent to part with their images…how did you persuade? So weird, a tiny robot entering your heart to check it out…reminds me of the 1966 movie ‘Fantastic Voyage’…happy you are good Robert, please take care of yourself…

    • John I am amazed how generous the nursing staff are here. I was particularly blessed to have one “angel” follow and care for me all along the way. She was with me too in the Cath Lab.
      I don’t know who the staff were that were minaturised to navigate my heart…….we did not meet each other. I was going to mention the fabulous movie “Fantastic Voyage”. So pleased you did.
      PS Today I had a small pain in my chest and called the hospital. The nurse pulled up my file and said………you could have a heart attack anytime….but so could we all. That cheered me up!

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