4 comments on “The Barbecue

  1. Interesting that they can take something that is supposed to be attuned with nature, and make it look so industrial. Great photo, it makes a strong point. Tony

    • Thanks Tony…….always appreciate your insightful comments. Actually when I create any work of art I rarely think about it…….until later. This one reminds me of an altar set amist nature.
      May I take this opportunity to wish you all the best for 2014.

      • When an artist creates a piece of art he (or she) wants the observer to have the same emotional reaction as he does when he makes it. There is a social bond between creator and observer. When the viewer responds to the art a bridge is created with the artist in which the spectator, through interpretation, becomes the artwork’s creator – and that creation may be something other than what was intended in the original act. It is of course quite reasonable to think “What is the artist trying to say” but that thought may engender quite an unexpected response. The physical component, the art, is cast adrift, it stands alone – out there – the artist has lost complete control of it, it transmutes into a bridge. Sorry if that’s a bit over philosophical, but It’s something I’ve been trying to get straight in my mind for a while. Thanks for being the catalyst. Have a bonzer 2014 yourself mate. Tony

        • Tony I love the way you express yourself in words……as you know they are an artform in themseves these days. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas about creating art and……I am so pleased in expressing them you have straightened out something in your own mind.
          If I am a catalyst for you……..great. Anytime…..
          A bonzer New Year……thanks Tony and wishing you the same too.

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