12 comments on “Photos From A Moving Car

    • Love movement of all kinds so was thrilled to get the chance to just sit taking photos while the car cruised along…..good they came out ok…..thanks Patti.

  1. Super captures. You travel through colourful realms of beauty Robert…love the reflections in the sky above the wizard / shepherd / hiker with staff…angels of mystery. I would have welcomed a Futurist blur…

    • Thanks John…….love “angels of mystery” I expected the futurist blur but these images did not have it. Others did……….you will see some of these in future posts.

  2. Imperfection is in itself a part of being perfect, because you accept the given truth as it is, hands down! very philosophical of me. Great pictures, I love them all, green and blue colors here are fascinating. 🙂

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