6 comments on “Turtle Magic

  1. This image is so very endearing Robert and reminds me of this story:
    “William James, father of American psychology, tells of meeting an old lady who told him the Earth rested on the back of a huge turtle. “But, my dear lady”, Professor James asked, as politely as possible, “what holds up the turtle?” “Ah”, she said, “that’s easy. He is standing on the back of another turtle.” “Oh, I see”, said Professor James, still being polite. “But would you be so good as to tell me what holds up the second turtle?” “It’s no use, Professor”, said the old lady, realizing he was trying to lead her into a logical trap. “It’s turtles-turtles, all the way down.”

    • Excellent!!!! Maybe these are decendants of those turtles John………or maybe they are just worn-out and taking a rest break!
      Now you remind me of a time when moving through Louisiana Bayous there were alligators “sunning” themselves in a similar way.
      Oh, did you ever hear the story of how the Earth is held up by an alligator?

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