4 comments on “The Paddleboarders

    • Thanks Anna……..one aspect of this image I really like is the feeling of an enormous ocean against two small human beings. Also in the distance is a ghostly ship which is hardly visible.

  1. Happy days my friend. I’m just catching up after being away for Jolly Hollies and Merry Berries. Love that stunning Christmas moon, and the wonderful chiaroscuro of Beach Calypso. Hope your celebration was excellent and filled with joy, family and good companions.

    • Happy days to you John……so good to have you back and your perceptive comments. Not sure if anybody else got the chiaroscuro of Beach Calypso (or the pyramidal structure) so it thrilled me when you mentioned it. Those Jolly Hollies and Merry Berries have great appeal at this time of year!
      Thanks again…..

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