6 comments on “An Interior

  1. I have been so looking forward to viewing your paintings again…i like the organized chaos of this and the subtle ambiguities that ask no more than protracted viewing…

    • Your support is encouraging me to show some more of my many paintings and drawings done over the last few years. Unlike your wonderful paintings which are clearly realised my work has been more experimental and pulling together various threads which may or may not be obvious to others at this time.

      • Don’t be shy, let’s see more of your amazing paintings and drawings Robert. You’ve already proved yourself so many times you have nothing excuse yourself for…

        • It is amazing but every time I begin a new work it is like for the first time. What I have done in the past is not relevent now. The mountain is still before me. What awaits there is still mysterious, unknown, extraordinary……..and new!
          A big thanks again mate!

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