6 comments on “Bus Ride

  1. I spend much time traveling by bus and am always interested to see how they look in other countries. This one seems pretty fancy but where’s the driver?

    • Here buses are mostly new and preparing for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Often they are not very busy and I feel I am being chauffeur driven. Driver is up front right.

      • Up front of course, I forgot you’re lefties over there. The perks of hosting the Olympics eh! Always gets the government off their asses. For our 2010 Winter Olympics we also got an expanded and improved transit system. Urban Vancouver’s buses and Sky Train are used constantly to overflowing. Maybe you’re in a less urban area so most people use cars.

        • All true. The transit system has improved dramatically in the last 2 years but many still prefer to use their cars. The Gold Coast is a city coming of age. It has 57 kilometres of beaches and is home to over half a million people and 12 million visitors each year. Beyond the city’s beautiful beaches are vast, sub-tropical rainforests with breathtaking country scenery which is gradually being settled. Apart from the highrise it is very, very different to New York!

  2. One of my dreams (not yet come true ) is visiting Australia.
    I’m fascinated when you talk about vast beaches,sub-tropical forests and country sceneries…
    Love this photo , and , at first, wondered about the driver , too…!

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