6 comments on “Words

    • Thanks Anna…….this and the previous image offer many interpretations. They are both cloaked in mystery. The titles came to me at the end of the work and can sometimes confuse me too. But completely trusting intuition……..or in-tuition I go with what I am given. The facinating thing about this approach is that as you contemplate a work over time the title begins to make sense and your enjoyment of the work greatly increases. Many people may dismiss what they do not understand immediately (especially in the modern world of instant gratification) but were they to persist they would find they would be rewarded. Some great art remains a mystery over centuries and that’s what makes it forever new. Hope this helps.

  1. This is what i want to see every morning to wake up my energy and put me in a positive mood. Brave negative space, dancing line, simple yet bursting with movement, I hear the musical conversations of a Moroccan market…

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