10 comments on “Ballooning At Sunrise

  1. This photo touches many levels in me also Robert, the sign of a piece that works eh? I find the green sky quite disturbing, post apocalyptic almost. The power wires in your photo but also in reality, here in Vancouver, always remind me of bad dreams where i start off flying but then become tangled and burnt in the web of overhead wires. And the balloon, usually a symbol of lightness and transcendent hope here becomes a dark and detached shape of the other dark shapes. For me much of the power of art is when it does disturb, rocks the boat, wakes us and takes us where we would rather not go. I know you know this and understand that my words are a way of explaining why I think your photo works brilliantly…power magic my friend…

    • Wow John…….you have put into words many of feelings I wanted to express in this work. Your erudite vocabulary always clarifies that which I find difficult to express in words. May I suggest in your next bad dream where you are threatened by powerlines……move into the balloon and sail above them and then start flying……. 🙂
      Also the highrise buildings in the distance are infringing on a few token trees remaining. The balloon offers us all the opportunity to look down on and gain a perspective on what is happening in the world.
      ……..thank you dear friend!

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