8 comments on “On The Hill

    • So pleased. Not sure how many good to bad images I take…but I have found that many I initially thought were not so good were much better when reviewed again.

      You too have a fabulous 2017!!!

  1. Lovely “spare” image, great shapes and colours. Isn’t it interesting how, after a period away from an image, the eye looks at it afresh, without the baggage that came with making the image, and there are new perspectives.

    • Thanks Tony. Your absolutely right about the changing nature of how we perceive art. One of the most important lessons an artist must learn is to give an image distance…..both in space but more importantly time. Sometimes months or even years are needed. Obviously the change is within ourselves and the reason great art lives on is because there are so many levels involved in its creation that time is necessary to appreciate and understand them.

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