4 comments on “Mirror Painting Revisited

  1. Hi Robert, I really love the last series of paintings. It would be great to know the dimensions and the material(s) used and also what they are painted on when you post as it would give a sense of scale. Also, the ones with a very black background are very strong. Are these backgrounds paint or are the images cut out or background blacked in after photographs have been uploaded?
    Best wishes
    Nicholas Herbert

    • Thanks Nicholas. I understand your concern for me not stating dimensions, materials etc. Over the years of blogging I have …due to time constraints neglected these. Unlike you I have not had a show in years and have just concentrated on producing new work.
      The above painting is mainly acrylic and mixed medium on two stretched canvases measuring 60 inches x 96 inches. Most images with black grounds are digital and I’m experimenting with similar paintings. As you can see experiment is a large part of all these works.
      I am particularly pleased with these large new works and hope to see them in a gallery …somewhere soon.
      I very much appreciate and respect your interest and comments.
      Best wishes,

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