5 comments on “Savage Sensibility

  1. Hi Robert, love this. Especially the brushwork in the large purple strokes. I was just wondering how you achieved this in acrylic. Are you picking up more than one colour on the brush? The feel is of oil paint but in acrylic, which is great. Best wishes, Nicholas.

    • Hi Nicholas, So pleased you like this one. My painting method is purely instinctive…..never planned. I look at the painting that has developed before me and ask ….what next? A feeling developes and I react. Simple as that. Paint, brushes etc., are at hand. I guess what I am saying is I empty myself before each work and let “art history” and “painting knowledge” enter my work as required.
      I do have excellent drawing skills but have no desire (at present) to draw or paint with realism.
      Many thanks, Robert

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