“I am, I was and always will be, a Painter of Spirit”.

To me we learn the history of art as we learn the ABC’s or Numbers so we have the tools to express our spirit (feelings) in the best possible manner. I do not seek isms or movements even though they do influence my art.

My one desire is to express the truth coming from my soul and show the world in a new and unique way.

“My art is about the every day, the common place, the ordinary and touch it with heart felt thoughts and emotions which may make it EXTRA-ORDINARY, the MOST UN-COMMON, the SUBLIME!”
The inspiration and source of this transformation comes from within (us all).

Combined with this is a deep gratitude to the many Great Artists of the past and present who have given their art to the world.


Robert J. Burgess is an International (Australian/N.Y.) Visual Artist (Painter, Photographer), / Teacher who lived in New York for 15 years and showed his artworks at a prominent SoHo gallery in the 90’s. Currently he is back in Australia.

After qualifying as a mechanical engineer he gave that up to pursue a career where he could express his EMOTIONS. Inspired by J M W Turner he committed to become an artist and attended various art schools and qualified at a well known Australian Art College in the early 80’s. Then he set off to live in Europe (London/Portugal) for a couple of years. Returning to Australia he began teaching and opened his own gallery before moving to New York where he remained for 15 years. His art is in private and government collections all over the world.

Burgess is also known on the web as BURGESSART

For more info visit website at


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  1. I didn’t realize who you were. No wonder I love your work. I have bought your books and have practiced the exercises. Thanks for taking time of your busy schedule to answer me. Good to be free. Silvia

  2. Hi Robert, nice to meet you. Just explored your website (paintings only so far) and must say I’m enchanted by your work, such a colour dance performed with such freedom and deep connection to the intuitive process. If you ever feel moved to discuss your obvious obsession with the grid I am all ears as I am presently fascinated with same in my work. I do thank you for your recent visits and Follow at art rat cafe – coming from you this is indeed an honour my friend. I will be back to see what else you are into – lots to explore here. I am impressed and inspired…

  3. Hi John, pleased to meet you too. Your perceptive comments are greatly appreciated and I relate to so much of what you are doing including poetry and writings. Your source of inspiration is indeed similar to mine and I find Automatism/Subconscious/Intuition yields remarkable treasures beyond what our logical thinking minds can conceive. I am so excited and continually amazed when my students discover this for themselves. The grid has been a major part in the development of my art……. well, I will share my thoughts on that with you at another time. There is relevance to your art. So thanks again and I will be stopping by at the art rat cafe soon. Best wishes, Robert

  4. Hi Robert, just to let you know that I am about to nominate you for ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ – congrats! The nominations and guidelines for the award will appear on my next post…

  5. Hi John, What can I say…….. I am shocked, delighted and honored by your nomination. I have been looking forward to seeing the results of your recent retreat and this is last thing I would have expected on your return. Thanks for your support and contribution to the blogging community. Robert

  6. Robert, Thanks for coming by and skipping around my blog. I just read a comment here that said “I didn’t realize who you were.” 🙂 Me either and I still don’t but I love your work either way. It stimulates the senses and allows me to imagine and it doesn’t get better than that ! bye for now, Les

  7. Hi Robert,

    Thank you for visiting the Lantern Post. I am honoured you did … your art is mesmerizing.

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Nicole, I really appreciate you featuring my site for the Spotlight Award. You can be very proud of your many awards and how you are sharing “blog love”. Best wishes, Robert

  8. Hi Robert,
    thanks for visiting my blog. I really enjoy yours and look forward to following you. 🙂
    Good night, sov godt og ha det bra.

    Hilsen Dina from the North

  9. Hi Robert, It’s my pleasure to have nominated you for the ‘Wonderful Team Member Readership Award’. For all details please visit my blog – art rat cafe. Thank you and I hope you can accept…

  10. Hi Robert, Just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog today. I am inspired by your pursuit of the creative life and look forward to your posts. Following.

  11. Hi Dilip, So pleased you like my site. Your philosophy of “live life less serious” is something we all need to remember particularly me. Thank you and best wishes, Robert

        • I think you will agree Kara New York is sold as the center of the Universe and in many ways it is. But the moment you believe that and not where our true center of power is ……… within ourselves…. you can lose your way. Distance, however we achieve it, keeps things in perspective. Australia is a good place to be right now probably because of it’s isolation. The irony is that in the past that was the very reason I wanted to leave it. Robert

  12. Hi Robert, Thanks for stopping by and the follow. I hope you enjoy more. I love your blog, have always been interested in art! So pleased to have discovered you! Linda

  13. Warm greetings my blogging friend – I have nominated you for ‘Blog of the Year’ award. All details on my latest post which will appear later today. I hope you will accept but understand if not – walk on…

    • John… warmest greetings to you too. I am deeply honoured and filled with joy by your nomination for the “Blog of the Year” award. Also very grateful that you consider me worthy of such award. Many thanks and best wishes, Robert

      • Robert, ‘worthy’ is such a loaded word and reminds me of Monty Python’s conversations with the deity. In the game of awards I just want to turn others onto your blog because I admire what you have to share. You are a good man and a creative artist and these are rare attributes in the blogging world – enjoy your 15 minutes of fame…;)

        • Thanks John………..I really appreciate your support and superlative comments.
          …. but I am reminded of Andy Warhol’s later quote……
          “My new line is…… “In 15 minutes everybody will be famous.” – Andy Warhol
          So John I’m happy to wait 15 minutes until we ALL become famous.
          Best wishes, Robert

  14. Hi there Teeny Bikini…..thanks for highlighting the part of my statement that touches you. You indeed have it pouring from you in your honest and entertaining writing…..look forward to seeing your best selling books 🙂 Best wishes, Robert

  15. Greetings from Australia Robert,
    I really enjoyed reading through your blog, and look forward with much anticipation at perusing through your work. Take great care and continue to live your passion through your creative spirit.
    God bless

  16. Hi Konstantine, So pleased you found my site and introduced me to yours. Love your photos and descriptions. Your candle is burning brightly…..thank you, Robert

  17. Thanks for showing interest in what I put out too.
    I sincerely hope you continue to find my works entertaining & pleasurable.
    Be safe.

  18. You are nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I find your blog inspirational and Love Your Photos and Stories. I enjoy them a great deal. Find the rules at my blog for accepting at BrooklynBystander http://brooklynbystander.wordpress.com
    Thank you for your inspiration and support and. CONGRATULATIONS!

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  20. You’re welcome Robert, I’m looking at your art quite often, the paintings mostly. They’re really quite striking – ‘painterly’ is the word, I think? I studied art at Glasgow School of Art, long ago and far away… so I’m interested in what you’re doing, versatile and the moment itself is important

    • Thank you and yes ……”painterly” does describe most of my paintings. It always amazes me how fine art training equips you for so many things in life. The Glasgow School of Art is famous and would have been an excellent place to study. I love painting (and drawing) but add as much variety as I can here.

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