7 comments on “The Rothko Photos

  1. Are these images of you or of Rothko? Are these made using Photoshop? Am I the only blogger still not using Photoshop? I love the tonal and distressed quality of these b/w images and also the ghost-like figures – perfectly echoing Rothko’s spiritual pain…

  2. John these images are of me and they are not made with Photoshop. I use several free programs.
    I did try to capture a spiritual presence echoed in Rothko’s art.

    • Just looked at your link…..powerful images. Rothko would be hard to find there or anywhere. His work was built in many layers….and each successive layer adding to the previous one creating great depth. With all those lenses/cameras etc. of yours you can do wonders in a different way. All the best, Robert

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    This was my top post in 2012……29 likes.
    I would love it if someone could like it one more time before next year so I will have 30 like on one post.
    Any kind blogger out there before 2013.
    If so Thank you and a Special Happy New Year.

  4. Happy New Year. I just saw on TV that you already had it. We get it tonight at 12. Thanks for your inspirational blog and for sharing. Have a great year of painting in 13. Rlte

    • Thanks and a Happy New Year to you Silvia. Yes we always get to celebrate a little earlier than most of the world. Hope it is a wonderful year for you and your art. Very best wishes, Robert
      (PS…thanks to you and all for liking this blog…now well over the 30 I wanted to get.)

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